The RTI COCOON RGB 65 has a guaranteed output power of 65'000 mW full-color pure diode RGB. The benefits include:

  • Incredible guaranteed RGB output power of 65 W
  • ShowNET Mainboard integrated
  • Incl. weatherproof climate housing
  • 65'000 mW guaranteed output power after optics
  • despite the high power it is possible to reach a maximum scan speed of 30 kpps@8° ILDA.
  • high-precision diode arrays provide an excellent beam divergence of approx. 1.5 mrad
  • an extremely high output power with a balanced power distribution: 18'000 mW / 638 nm red, 28'000 mW / 520 nm green, 31'000 mW / 450 nm blue
  • brilliant colors and great color fading
  • the RTI COCOON RGB 65 impresses with a very bright 638 nm red
  • Weatherproof climate housing, which makes it possible to use it outdoors without problems

The RTI COCOON RGB 65 is delivered with a ShowNET laser mainboard as standard. This means it has a multitude of control features already built-in: Control via DMX or ArtNET, just like a normal lighting fixture, are possible as well as computer control via ILDA or LAN. Of course the laser can be run in stand alone operation, too. The contents for playback (for DMX, ArtNet, Stand-Alone, etc.) can be fully customized. As the ShowNET laser mainboard comes with a full license of the Showeditor software, it is easy to create custom content for the built-in memory or even directly control the laser with a computer - either live or for creation an playback of complete laser shows.

If ILDA shall be used as control option, like from an external Lasergraph DSP, the internal ShowNET mainboard can also be used as receiver for an ILDA streaming signal - so the externbal ILDA signal can be feeded to an external ShowNEt device and this sends the direct control to the RTI COCOON RGB 65 via ILDA Streaming - so no long ILDA cables are required any more, even with ILDA based control systems.

The RTI COCOON RGB 65 is equipped with laser diode modules with a very homogenous and balanced setup. The special modules ensure brilliant colors, a homogeneous white and great color mixture. The 638 nm light red sources ensure a very good visibility of the red color spectrum. The diode arrays have an excellent divergence of approx. 1.5 mrad.

The RTI COCOON RGB 65 is equipped with fast scanners, that make the unit perfect for high professional applications.

Due to the dustproof housing, the maintenance effort is very low and the device is also suitable for tough touring applications.

The powerful RTI COCOON RGB 65 is suitable for indoor and outdoor show laser applications at concerts, festivals and other major events. Demanding graphics projections or projections over long distances are possible without any problems.



The system is composed of two components (as conventional air conditioning units): the actual climate housing and an external condenser/compressor unit. The housing is sealed dust- and waterproof according to IP65, the external condenser and compressor unit, at the other hand, is IP54. Therefore it has to be shielded from direct, lasting rainfall and high humidity. The Climate Housing is supplied with a 3m coolant hose. On request, it is also possible to place the condenser unit further from the housing.

With a power consumption at 1,150 W and a cooling power of 12,000 BTU, the Cocoon is able to pump 3,590 W of heat. Operating temperature ranges from -15°C to +50°C.

It must be mounted on a support system (metal plate, concrete base, or similar). Through its mounting bracket the particular laser device is fixed inside the housing.
Ray Technologies
65'000 mW
18'000 mW / 638 nm
28'000 mW / 520 nm
31'000 mW / 450 nm
ビーム仕様 (フルアングル):
ca. 10 mm / 1.5 mrad
30 kpps ILDA 8°
スキャン アングル:
max. 40°
ILDA, LAN (Software), DMX, ArtNET, ILDA-Streaming, Stand-Alone
Power cable, manual, Full Showeditor software license included
85-250 V AC 50/60 Hz
2'300 W
1200 x 1050 x 580 mm
85 kg




買っても意味がない場合もありますが、レーザーショーシステムをレンタルすることもできます。Laserworldは、レンタル用のレーザーシステムを大量に在庫しています。また、プロのレーザーオペレーターと一緒にレンタルすることも可能です。RTI社製を中心としたプロ仕様のレーザーショー機器のみをレンタルしています。そのため、PIKO、NANO、NEOシリーズの製品が利用できます。また、Showcontroller、Pangolin、Lasergraph DSPなどのレーザーショーコントロールシステムのレンタルも行っています。


長年のショーパートナーの経験と、Laserworld Groupが製造したレーザーが活躍した過去のレーザーショーやマルチメディアショーのプロジェクトの多くの参照から、私たちはあらゆるタイプのレーザーショープロダクションやレーザーショープロジェクトの適切なパートナーです。レーザーシステムやマルチメディアプロジェクションの固定設置であろうと、一時的なショーであろうと。私たちの専門家は、レーザーショーの企画、デザイン、現場での実施、レーザーショーの制作をお手伝いします。私たちは、マルチメディアショーのターンキーソリューションを提供するだけでなく、大規模なステージショーやフェスティバル、コンサートなどで起こるような、他のショーの演出に一部または組み込んだ形でのレーザーショーの制作も行っています。また、ライブのレーザーショーだけでなく、タイムコードや事前に同期したショーも可能です。


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